"I request to House and Senate leaders to OPPOSE legislation that would eliminate the Montana Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners and replace it with an advisory committee to the Board of Medical Examiners."

The MSRC OPPOSES legislation that would eliminate the Mt Respiratory Care license board while replacing it with an advisory committee to the BOME. This means that patients would not receive the specific oversight and protection the current RC board
provides by ensuring the safe & ethical practice of licensed RTs. Additionally, the RT scope of practice would no longer be under the authority of RTs, but instead, other providers.


The MSRC is a 501c6 non-profit public resource for all those interested in Respiratory Care in Montana. We serve Montana Respiratory Therapists by providing CEU opportunities, legislative support and general RC information. We also serve as a social networking hub for our members. We are an affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC). 


PO Box 6887

Great Falls, Montana 59406


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